N. Korea 'satisfied' with tests of solidN. Korea 'satisfied' with tests of solidAnimal shelter busted for killing and burying hundreds of petsUN committee adopts resolution on N. Korean human rights for 19th straight yearFinance minister calls for reenactment of corporate restructuring actSeoul subway to hold second strike Nov. 22SK to create world's first advanced plastic recycling cluster, breaks ground in UlsanN. Korea tests newly developed solid송영길 “비례정당 출마 검토”…조국과 연대 가능성도 시사National Changgeuk Company's endeavor to foster pansori composers continues [Today’s K 군사력은 미국이 우위지만, 글로벌 공급망은 미·중 비등 [중앙포럼] KIPO chief strengthens IP alliances with Middle Eastern counterparts Koreans will 'freeze to death' for iced Americanos even in winter [이번 주 리뷰]北,군사위성 발사…정부 온라인 장애속출(20~25일) Trailblazer, Trax drive up GM Korea’s exports Jeju Island offers many choices for holidaymakers with pets ‘Smugglers’ wins best picture at 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards Gangnam teen investigated for assaulting deliveryman with golf club Two dead in Gyeongju construction site collapse First lady explains S. Korea's dog meat ban plan to Queen Camilla 금태섭 “文 전 대통령, 조국 출마 적절한지 의견 분명히 해야” 러 매체 “北 위성에 러시아 도움, 근거 없다…포탄 지원설도 마찬가지” [Bills in Focus] Windfall tax on banks and urban infra refurbishment Posco to start search for new chief 이상민 "현실적 선택지는 국민의힘…12월 초까지 거취 결정" 1 in 8 commercial flights exposed to pathogens: KDCA American investigated for ‘teeth grinding’ graffiti across Yongsan 김용민 “尹, 총선 승리하면 계엄 선포할 것…저지선 확보해야” Hyundai Motor to halt Asan factory in Korea for EV factory construction